Friday, December 31, 2010


What we have learned in 2010

1. Pursue God
This year started off with us reading, Don't waste your life by John Piper. What an inspiring book to live up to. Its impossible not to waste every moments of every day, but overall, this year in the life of our family has not been wasted. There have been so many lessons along the way, but I keep coming back to the most rudimentary, Pursue GOD!. Nothing else matters.

2. Obey God
Obedience is not easy, just ask my kids. God has proven Himself faithful. Who am I to ever tell Him no.

3. Read to learn
last year's New Years Resolution was read one book a month for 2010. I read 14. The best resolution I have every made and kept. The books were challenging, enlightening, inspiring, encouraging, and educating. However, not so sure that I can pick a favorite, they were all so good in their own way.

4. Security isn't everything
Our family left every secure thing in our life, and have shed many tears over it. Fear is a powerfully defeating thing! If your faith is in anything other Christ the Rock, failure is imminent. Over and over God shows us how he Never Fails! We are overwhelmed with His goodness.

5. California food rocks
It is the FRESHEST. I am hooked.

6. Eat Organic
Omnivore's Dilemna opened my eyes to the world of Organic living. I am thankful that Organic food is so accessible and relatively afforabdle in our new town.

7. God provides
Over and Over and Over again.

8. Living in community can't be forced
I cried in all 3 church services that we attended in our home church during Christmas vacation. How I miss our home community of believers and I wish that I never took it for granted before. It's only been 6 months, but we are not connected out here yet and it hurts.

9. Life is hard
Nothing about this year has been easy. But I would not change the lessons we have learned. We are closer as a family because we are living life's struggles together, helping each other grow, and learning to love through it all.

10. My new year's resolution for 2011..........Plant a Vegetable Garden

Happy New Year

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bah Humbug

When in a clothing store by myself, my kids can be hard to handle. They get bored and want to hide in the clothes and run around. It gets stressful at times. However today, in Banana Republic, my kids were doing well. I prepped them before we went in and reminded them that we were entering a store and not a playground. So when the grinch herself walked by and told me to get my kids under control, I was so shocked and felt like decking her. The boys happened to be standing where she wanted to walk and the store was crowded. But they weren't jumping off the furniture or running around or causing ruckus, just happened to be in her way.
I said "excuse me? rather loudly and told her that was really rude." She never turned around to look at me. UGH it still fires me up, how people can be so rude!
Just had to get that off my chest.

What calmed me down, was finding my new coat in the store for over $200 off the original price and even getting cash back from my return!

We tried to get a serious family picture on Christmas Eve, but the kids had other plans, so Mike and I followed along with what they were doing. When you can't beat 'em...join 'em kind of thing!

Merry Christmas to all!
well, except, Bah humbug to the rude lady!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Day

I picked up some PT work this week. Today was especially long 8:30 to 6:00 with only a half hour lunch.
But when I got home, aaaahhh, super big hugs from my kids.
and what brought tears to my eyes was when C told me how we forgot that he was supposed to bring something for share day at school today. It was "M" day.
So se said that when it was his turn, he stood up and said "M is for Mommy."
Oh how I wish I could have been there to jump out and surprise him.
I love how my kids love me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Monterey Bay/Carmel was our respite, our short interval of rest or relief. This is the 2nd year in a row that we have taken a mini-vacation on Thanksgiving day. I would love for this to become our holiday tradition. Forget the enormous amounts of cooking, and endless hours of football. Give me time away with my family. Time to reflect on why we are thankful.

The minute we smelled the ocean air, took in the gorgeous view and had our feet touch the white sand of Carmel, this was my response! Jumping for pure Joy.
It has been 6 months since we have lived near the ocean. Besides college, my whole life has been spent near the Ocean. I never realized my deep connection with the coast and it's renewing sense of peace and calm in my life. I guess you could say, I really like long walks on the beach.
Since the water and air were too chilly for a swim, we walked and explored, and jumped.
It was the perfect day.
I must not forget to mention breakfast that day. Katy's in Carmel served the most breakfasty breakfast. Imagine what the perfect french toast should taste like, and that's just how it was. MMM saucy goodness is their slogan. Need I say more?!
By the way, I am thankful for this beautiful man.

Later, we drove the "17 mile drive" along the coast. Absolutely Gorgeous!
I am also thankful how nature reminds us of the vastness, goodness, and beauty of our GOD.

In this season of life, may God be my eternal respite!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Morning

View of the Sunrise from our backyard!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Is this the little boy I carried?"

Nov. 12, 2010
Owen prayed with Daddy today and asked God into his heart!!!
Overwhelming Joy!!!
I have been teaching the verse "God is my Salvation" to the boys. Because several times a day, Owen says, "i know who can save us from the skunk ( or anything else you might insert there)." Knowing the answer, we still reply "who Owen ?". and his answer is always, "GOD!"
I love seeing the fruit of Faith in my tender warriors!

Where has the time gone?
In less than two months, Owen will be 4 years old.
What a privilege to be his mom. He is so content, happy, imaginative, and loving. He is strong-willed, decisive, and a leader. He makes me melt and laugh and I can still stare at him in awe the way I did when he was born.
He reminds us every day that he is the strongest, biggest, fastest boy around. Even stronger than Sammie dog.

Owen loves:
reading books,
playing with cars and trucks,
watching the cartoon Super Why,
daily wearing his gun holster with any outfit,
shooting guns fashioned out of tinker toys or sticks,
pretending he can fly,
getting back rubs,
reminding his mom and dad how much he loves us

He likes to compete and loves to win. Even when walking in the house, he runs ahead and says, "I'll beat ya there!"We are so proud of how well he is riding his bike. This is the first year that I didn't get to take both boys to the Pumpkin Patch. Caeden visited with his Kind. class on a field trip. I admit it made me a little sad to not have both of them with me, although O and I had a really great time. Mike and I love hearing the boys talk to each other and watching them play together, they really adore each other even though they mostly show it through aggressive play. In the picture below, Owen donned an Indian hat when we went to visit Caeden at his Native American Party in Kindergarten.

Owen, we are really in love with you!
love, Mom, Dad, and Caeden

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chocolate cravings

I used to say, "I don't like chocolate." Well, times have changed...along with my waistline.
For me, justification of eating sweets is much easier when baking homemade desserts with organic/high quality ingredients. Although it's probably the same justificaiton as I used to make in college when I would use the term muffin instead of cupcake, just so i could indulge myself more. We all know that muffins are healthier, right? :)

1. Chocolate Syrup (click here for recipe)
The other day, Mike threatened to buy Hershey's Chocolate Syrup in the store to pour over our vanilla ice cream. I pointed out that it said, chocolate FLAVOR and wasn't real chocolate.
So to appease him, I made some incredible chocolate syrup when we got home.

2. Oreo Cookies (click here for recipe)
The kids and Dad have been asking for Oreo's. It sounds controlling, I bet, but I can't buy them. I would rather make them so there are no preservatives in the foods we eat. Plus, money is saved by using the ingredients I already have at home. Anyway, the kids and I made these oreo cookies today and I was surprised at how similar they taste to real Oreo's.

Have I mentioned how much I love organic dark chocolate bars?
I need to get a grip!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Library Card

Since moving here, we have familiarized ourselves with the local library, took Owen to a few story times, checked out some books and a few movies, used the computers, even used it as an "office space" for Mike to quietly get some work done. I haven't been too thrilled with the children's book section yet. In the 5 years that we have been reading Children's books from the library, we have purchased a total of 5. The books we decide to purchase have to be special, inspiring, fun to read, attention keepers, and ones that the kids want to continuously read.
Yesterday, Owen and I read 14 books together. 8 in the morning by ourselves and 6 later that night with Caeden. This is something I thought Owen would never be able to accomplish. He hasn't ever been much of a sitter and he isn't ever quiet. I am proud him, because it is really special bonding for me to cuddle with my kids and read to them.
So, there was a gem in the group of books that we got from the library this past week. It is inspring, it has been read over and over, it keeps their attection, and it is fun! The book is Edward and the Pirates. The little boy in the book has just learned to read, and loves books because when he reads, the characters in the story come alive. In one paticular Pirate book he was reading, the Pirates come into his room in search of the clues to the hidden treasure. My favorite part is when Edwards mom comes riding in on a white horse and pins the pirate to the wall with her sword. Then his father bounds in with bow and arrow and makes the pirates surrender their swords. In the end Edward ends up reading the book to the pirates because as we all know, pirates are illiterate.
After finishing this story for the first time, I told Caeden that when he learns to read, he can get his very own library card. His response was, "Ok, but can I still live with you guys?"
This made me laugh because, it either means that he refuses to read until he is 18, or he sees this as so much freedom for a 5 year old that it must mean he will be on his own for the rest of his life. I assured him that he can live with me for as long as he wants too, even when he is old. To which he replied, "but one day i want to marry a mom and then just come visit you guys."
Oh why do they have to grow up?

"mom, I told you that you don't have to be sad, when I grow up." (Owen)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

40 years of Wedded Bliss

My parents, Harry and Carol, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary today.
This is a "re-enactment" of how they got engaged, sort of, not really, but watch it anyway
and ignore my whiny-high-pitched voice.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for your loving example.

the credits read
Mike as Horace
Mel as Carol
Caeden as Cowboy Chuck
Owen as Harry (HDW)

the video was shot from my iphone using my outstretched arm, but turned out pretty good considering.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

what the boys are loving right now!

1. Playing outside all day long whenever possible
* tree forts
* swing sets
* battery powered trucks and four-wheelers
* riding bikes along the trail by our house and in our yard
* building bike ramps with Daddy big enough to make me scared to ride on them.
* the sand box in the yard
* sling shots
* weapons of mass destruction (light sabers, toy guns, toy swords, etc)

2. Hot wheels tracks

3. Leggos

4. little Army men

5. Dress up costumes. Usually as superheroes.

This year for halloween, Caeden is Optimus Prime the Transformer

Caeden is loving school. The first two weeks he had a little difficulty learning how to be quiet and obey all the rules expected by the teacher. These last two weeks have changed dramatically. He has motivated himself to be the best behaved child in class. There is a stuffed lion named Leonardo, who is awarded to the best behaved child in class that day. Leonardo gets to pal around with them all day and he sits on their desk. Caeden has won Leonardo twice in the last two weeks. He is also super motivated by his chore chart. Nothing was left undone last week. Then entire sheet was covered in stickers. He has asked for Hot Lunch at school, so Monday he enjoyed School nachos and watermelon. Today he asked to stay later for after school care. Instead of getting him at 1pm he went with the other kids until 2:45. The other day in the store, he said, "Mom, look at all the phonograms in this store?" To which I replied, "what are phonograms?" ( i kinda knew, but not really) He proceeded to show me the double e's and o's and said a phonograms is like "sh, says shhh." There is a maturity to him developing that I have not seen before. It makes me so proud, as well as sad that life is passing us by so quickly.

Owen is an army guy in honor of my dad who served in the Vietnam War

Owen is super lovey boy. He can be in the middle of playing (very intense during his playtime i might add), when he just looks at me, tilts his head, and says, "Aw mom, your the best in the whole world, I love you!!" or curl up in my lap and put his head down and say, "mom, i want to love on you!" He is so affectionate, kind, considerate. He is really growing up too. He has learned to ride his new pedal bike. He was very attached to the push bike and did not want to give that up. He keeps asking when he is going to school. I can't believe he will be in preschool next year. I am really enjoying my one-one-one time with him at home this year. I love how he tells and shows us every day his super human strength. When I asked if he could really have super powers, he said that he would want to fly.

I love being a mom to these 2 crazy, lovable kids.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Homemade Chocolate Milk

Owen and I made this today
It was waaaaay better than Hersheys Syrup

serves 4 big glasses

33 ounces milk
3 ounce water
4 1/2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa
6 tablespoons sugar
Heat sugar, cocoa, and water in sauce pan until dissolved
add cold milk and stir.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you know???

I have been reading the book, The Omnivore's Dilemna and am learning a great deal lately about how toxic our foods are due to poor farming practices and a plethora of antibiotics and hormones. It is a fascinating read. It is amazing how much we take for granted as far as what goes into our food. (more on this later)

We also take for granted the chemicals that may be found in our household items.
I recently read some articles here and here and here about the toxic chemical, Triclosan which is found in most antiacterial soap.

It is said to have the following harmful effects
  • Chronic toxicity
  • Carcinogenicity
  • Abnormalities with the endocrine system, particularly with thyroid hormone signaling
    Weakening of the immune system
    Birth defects
    Uncontrolled cell growth
    Unhealthy weight loss

  • This is a list i found of items that contain triclosan:


* Dial® Liquid Soap
* Softsoap® Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap
* Tea Tree Therapy™ Liquid Soap
* Provon® Soap
* Clearasil® Daily Face Wash
* Dermatologica® Skin Purifying Wipes
* Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser
* DermaKleen™ Antibacterial Lotion Soap
* Naturade Aloe Vera 80® Antibacterial Soap
* CVS Antibacterial Soap
* pHisoderm Antibacterial Skin Cleanser

Dental Care:

* Colgate Total®; Breeze™ Triclosan Mouthwash
* Reach® Antibacterial Toothbrush
* Janina Diamond Whitening Toothpaste


* Supre® CafĂ© Bronzer™
* TotalSkinCare Makeup Kit
* Garden Botanika® Powder Foundation
* Mavala Lip Base
* Jason Natural Cosmetics
* Blemish Cover Stick
* Movate® Skin Litening Cream HQ
* Paul Mitchell Detangler Comb
* Revlon ColorStay LipSHINE Lipcolor Plus Gloss
* Dazzle


* Old Spice High Endurance Stick Deodorant
* Right Guard Sport Deodorant
* Queen Helene® Tea Trea Oil Deodorant and Aloe Deodorant
* Nature De France Le Stick Natural Stick Deodorant
* DeCleor Deodorant Stick
* Epoch® Deodorant with Citrisomes
* X Air Maximum Strength Deodorant

Other Personal Care Products:

* Gillette® Complete Skin Care MultiGel Aerosol Shave Gel
* Murad Acne Complex® Kit®
* Diabet-x™ Cream
* T.Taio™ sponges and wipes
* Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

First Aid:

* SyDERMA® Skin Protectant plus First Aid Antiseptic
* Solarcaine®
* First Aid Medicated Spray;
Nexcare™ First Aid
* Skin Crack Care
* First Aid/Burn Cream
* HealWell® Night Splint
* 11-1X1: Universal Cervical Collar with Microban


* Farberware® Microban Steakknife Set and Cutting Boards
* Franklin Machine Products FMP Ice Cream Scoop SZ 20 Microban
* Hobart Semi-Automatic Slicer
* Chix® Food Service Wipes with Microban
* Compact Web Foot® Wet Mop Heads

Computer Equipment:

* Fellowes Cordless Microban Keyboard and Microban Mouse Pad


* Merrell Shoes
* Sabatier Chef's Apron
* Dickies Socks
* Fruit of the Loom Socks
* Biofresh® Socks

Children's Toys:

* Playskool® :
o Stack 'n Scoop Whale
o Rockin' Radio
o Hourglass
o Sounds Around Driver
o Roll 'n' Rattle Ball
o Animal Sounds Phone
o Busy Beads Pal
o Pop 'n' Spin Top
o Lights 'n' Surprise Laptop


* Bionare® Cool Mist Humidifier
* Microban® All Weather Reinforced Hose
* Thomasville® Furniture
* Deciguard AB Ear Plugs
* Bauer® 5000 Helmet
* Aquatic Whirlpools
* Miller Paint Interior Paint
* QVC® Collapsible 40-Can Cooler
* Holmes Foot Buddy™ Foot Warmer
* Blue Mountain Wall Coverings
* California Paints®
* EHC AMRail Escalator Handrails
* Dupont™ Air Filters
* Durelle™ Carpet Cushions
* Advanta One Laminate Floors
* San Luis Blankets
* J Cloth® towels
* JERMEX mops

The hand soap in my kitchen and each bathroom was Softsoap and the actice ingredient in it was Triclosan. Since, I have an endocrine disorder already, this really alarmed me, so I looked for

and I ordered the brand Clean Well

Hope this helps you too!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I tried eggplant for the first time today. There is an organic farm down the road and the eggplant looked so pretty I thougt it was time to taste it.
This recipe was delicious and I liked the eggplant more than i thought i would
Here ya go:

i cooked it on the skillet since we have no grill and I had zucchini and not squash

Grilled Eggplant and Squash Caprese

(Makes approximately 4 servings)

For the grilled eggplant and squash:

  • 1 small Japanese eggplant
  • 1 yellow squash
  • 2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

To finish the salad:

  • 2 tomatoes
  • 8 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 4 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar
Preheat the grill to medium-high. While the grill preheats, slice the eggplant and squash on a diagonal approximately 1/4-1/2 inches thick. In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, a pinch of salt, and some freshly ground black pepper. Brush each slice of eggplant/squash with the oil right before placing oiled side down on the grill. Grill for a few 3-4 minutes and then brush with oil before flipping and grilling for another 2-3 minutes on the other side. Transfer to a plate and set aside to cool slightly.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I discovered these delicious organic lollipops in the market nearby our house!!
The kids love them
and I love them........ nothing arificial, no chemicals, no corn syrup, no dyes, casein free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, GMO free
and 100% vegan
but seriously they are delicious!!

here is their website Yummy Earth

anonymouns asked what Is in them
the ingredients on the back of my bag at home is for 4 different flavors and it says:
organic evaporated cane juice, organic tapioca syrup, and/or organic rice syrup, citric acid (from beeet sugar) Natural flavors may contain organic black carrots, organic black currant, organic apple, organic carrot, and organic pumpkin.
So there ya go

Monday, August 30, 2010

Recipe for a good marriage

Mike said that I have earned another 10 years of marriage just because he enjoyed the dinner I made the other night. That may be a lil' drastic, nontheless, I enjoy the compliments about my cooking. It was a new dish that I tried and it was pretty delicious.
It is good to know my husband is so easy to please. Although it did take 10 years to finally make a dish that was worthy of 2 different FB posts from him.

Baked shrimp with butter and Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

Ingredients: 1 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined1/2 cup butter1 cup fine dry bread crumbs1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese1/2 teaspoon salt2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice2 tablespoons dry sherry

Preparation: Place shrimp in a 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan. Combine butter, bread crumbs, cheese, salt, lemon juice, and sherry. Sprinkle crumb mixture evenly over shrimps. Bake at 325° for 25 minutes, or until shrimps are cooked and topping is golden brown.Baked shrimp recipe serves 3 to 4.

** I used champagne vinegar because i didn't have any dry sherry!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a difference a year makes

I love that at 5 yrs. old, Caeden knows enough to care about what mommy would want for her birthday. He was adamant that he needed to get me a "fancy dress." Mike took them to the store and let them pick out my gift. This is the dress Caeden wanted, and I love it so much.
How thoughtful he has become. The other day he made his bed without being asked so when i took him to Lowe's with me, I told him to pick out a treat for himself. He wanted a sprinkler for all the kids to jump in because he said it might "cheer up" his friend Sadie.

It has been a year already since this post of Caeden starting preschool.
Mike and I just re-watched the video and it makes me so sad. He looks so old now compared to that video of last year.
It is time for school again and we have chosen to have him repeat pre K. I am really hoping it will help with his focus and confidence in school. He loves learning and I pray that he will thrive in this new school environment. He obviously has the social skills down because during our summer trip, Caeden was in charge of capturing photos on the small camera. We got pictures ranging from Grandaddy's backside to close-ups of newscasters on TV. He had an obsession of taking pictures of himself and getting people to make funny faces. He would walk up to complete strangers and ask them to make a funny face. I was amazed at his outgoing personality, but tried to teach him about restraint and tact, because not everyone wants a 5 yr old stranger putting a camera in their face.

below are some of the funny faces he caught on camera:

This kid didn't mind so much. We have no clue who these two people are. His Dad wasn't so willing to comply, however.
He took a ton of himself, but here are a serious and crazy one as well as the rest of the family's funny faces.

thank you Caeden for daily giving me reasons to smile!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Psalm 67:1-3
" May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us that your way may be known on earth your saving power among all nations.
Let the peoples praise you, O God. Let all the peoples praise you!"

Our new house

When in San Diego, my friend, Linsey, explained grace as "receiving what you never knew you needed." This is where we are at in life right now. We are relying on God for our needs, some we know about and most that we have no clue about. He has been gracious enough to bless us with a place 3,000 miles away that still feels like home. My friend J'Aime, says that God has "opened wide the arms of CA to greet us with a great big hug." I have always loved hugs....most certainly hugs from God.
It has been a long road traveled to get to this point, both figuratively and literally. We were nomads for one month and one week living out of suitcases and invading other people's space. By the end, I most certainly needed a great big hug from God.
A year ago when we thought we were pregnant, one of the girl names we thought about was Zoe. Mainly because it meanse Life. Max Lucado explains Zoe as "NOT life extensive, but life as God planned it." (taken out of his book John 3:16)
Somewhere on the road between Fl and CA, I realized that God has already given us Zoe in this new life journey. It is and we pray it will continue to be the life that God has planned. It's the life I never knew I needed.......Grace!
In this grace giving period, may it never be about us or what we have received, but may it all be about the Grace Giver! He is our ultimate blessing and prize! That is why I love Psalm 67:1-3 because it recognizes that the whole point of the blessing is so God's way may be known on earth His saving power among all nations.

With that said, I wanted to share some recent pictures since we have been in our new home:

Mike and i got to enjoy a delicious birthday dinner with friends

chocolate banana stud cake I made for my birthday
(yes that is a trash bag in the lower left corner, i was multi tasking by emptying the trash and taking photos at the same time )

before (blue) after (chocolate raspberry)

kids about to enjoy a dinner in their tree house (they were smiling on the inside)

the tree house and play area in the backyard

Monday, August 9, 2010

Superheroes among us

We live with 2 pretty amazing kids. Superheroes in the making!

This was our breakfast conversation.....................

Me: "what do you want to do today boys?"

O: "play superman"

C: "and batman"

Me: "how bout you put your capes on and run outside and swing from the rope swing?"

C: "that's a really good idea!"

O: " and jump from the tree house with our capes on so we can fly"

Me: "uh i don't think we are ready for that yet!"

I had made some chocolate/pear scones and fresh strawberry jam so we could deliver them to some nearby neighbors who had already fed us dinner a few evenings before. After the superhero party in our yard, it was time to make the delivery. The boys just hopped on the bike and 4 wheeler decked out in their finest costumes. They wheeled right up to the neighbors house as if nothing looked the least bit odd. Their 4 yr old Gavin was quite impressed. We invited him back to play in our tree house until lunch time. Gavin walked with me back to the house and wanted to hold my hand the entire way.
It is times like these that i hope they never grow up!

Monday, August 2, 2010

10 things i am loving right now!

1) Organic Iced Green Tea
a possible addiction

2) Organic Dark chocolate

a guilty pleasure with health benefits

3) Girl Talk
I am in San Diego right now spending quality time with 2 friends that I have known for 17 years. Is that possible? That is half my life? Am I that old? There are few things better in life than getting with old friends and feeling like time has never been lost. Such deep, life altering conversations with truth spoken in love. So much fun to also play with their kiddos!
One of these wonderful ladies blogs as well and is a very gifted writer.
The other one is on staff with a great church in San Diego and her brother got married this weekend which is the original reason I flew down there.
On a side note: The photographer of the wedding used to work for Jedidiah clothing company. Remember when I blogged about them and recieved 3 free women's tees. The photographer is the girl who sent them to me......small world!

4) Exploring Northeren California
Such a wonderful place to live. I am so excited about all the new adventures we will experience as a family.

5) Vacationing with my parents

What a treat to get to spend an entire month with these 2 special people. God has blessed me with absolutely wonderful parents.

6) Above the Golden State

This band led worship while we visited Hume Lake Christian Camp.
They will on my itunes list really soon.

7) CS Lewis
A quick read but full of wisdom. How was he so gifted?

8) Trader Joes (grocery)
If you have shopped here, you will know the love.

9. Summer reading with the kids.
We have almost finished this children's book.
10. Moving into our new house.
Aug 1st we got the keys. Since I am in So Cal, Mike and the boys that been moving in. Oh I am so ready to be settled in our new home, sit with my hubby on the back patio in the cool evening sipping green tea, reading a book, and enjoying the view of the mountains.

Oh yeah one more thing:
I love Booties!! All of them, but specifically these from Anthropologie