Friday, January 28, 2011

Class project

The school where C attends has a big fundraising auction every other year. It's a big deal and they try to get everyone involved. Each class is responsible for donating a "class gift" to be auctioned off for big money. The auction isn't until March, but the room-mom and I have been working on the Kindegarten class project since August. Our idea was to create a family rules board. They have been really popular lately and I pine for some of the ones found on Etsy. The walls in my dining room are bare, in hopes that one day I will make our own rules board. The class project is finally complete and honestly I would rather see the artwork hanging in my house.
Caeden's teacher sat down with each child individually and had them answer a few questions about God's rules/family rules/what the have learned in Kindegarten. Each child had 3 or 4 answers and we chose the best ones to place on the board. Caeden's says, "be thankful for what your mom makes for dinner." In order to make it more personal, we chose to place each child's first name and last initial in small gray print by their quote. Then at the bottom we added "Love God Love Others" and the teachers name and year it was completed.
We toiled around with the idea of placing it on wood, but chose 24x32 in. canvas instead since we knew someone who could design it from their computer program. He designed a few different layouts, we picked our fave, then he saved it in on jpeg and put it on a disc for us. I uploaded it to Costco photos, ordered it and it arrived in about 5 days. The pictures I show doesn't do it justice, since it is all wrapped in shipping plastic.
I am really pleased with how it turned out and hope the school can make a cool mill. off of it (or at least $100).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keep it up

One more thing that I treasure:

When the kids awoke this morning, they snuggled in bed with me for a few minutes. Then out of the blue, Caeden said, "mom don't come out of the room." Owen said, "ok I will block her with my light saber and not let her come out."
Mike is out of town. So i was a little worried about how we would get everything done this morning and make it to school on time.
I figured they were up to something so I took advantage of the time and straightened my hair & got dressed.
When they finally let me come out of the room. The two of them were sitting at the dining room table eating cereal. I walked out with my jaw dropped.

1) made his bed
2) brushed his teeth
3) took his vitamins
4) poured cereal and milk for the both of them and brought them to the table.
5) got an extra 50 cents for his piggy bank. ( he is trying to save up for a trampoline)

1) helped :) he wanted to make sure that I knew that
2)was a fierce bouncer/blockader/jedi warrior
3) got hugs because he could care less about money in his piggy bank

This is highly unusual behavior and I would like it to continue. I never had to ask them to do anything this morning and we were able to get to school early for once.
So please boys, keep it up. Lock me in my room all day if you want, just make sure that when I finally come out the laundry and vacuuming are done. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A mother's treasure

It's not a good feeling when you pick up your son from school and the teacher tells you of how disruptive, disobedient, and rude he was in class. She pretty much said, "I am not sure if you have discipline at home for this type of behaviour, but something needs to be done."
Well, his discipline today was, no riding his bike (a big deal if you viewed the previous post). Then I mentioned that he should write a letter of apology to his teacher.
Right before homework time, he wrote this ........ "sre fow mi acshinz."
Then he said, "I'm done with the note to the teacher."
I was surprised, "what do you mean? you already wrote it? what did you say?"
He replied, "I wrote sorry for my actions."

This is one of those moments! The treasured motherhood moments when you receive something that you know will be kept through the ages and shown to his future wife. The kind of momento that goes right into the hope chest (if only I had one).

We wrote the letter again (3 more times acutally) and below is what he is really giving to his teacher.
Although I am sure she might appreciate the one above; it's going to be mine forever, at least until his wedding day!
Thank you, Caeden
you are my treasure!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's happening

He's growing up.......and he still loves his bike!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Mike and I have both started out the new year by diving into books. He is reading Radical by David Platt and I am reading Think by John Piper. I love that my husband said to me, "I realized that if I don't read, then I don't learn." I hope we never stop learning, together.
It's January 17, 2011 already and I am finally ready for the New Year to begin. Life has been absolutely crazy. On Dec. 31st we awoke at 3am EST to be ready in time to catch our 5:30 am plane back to California. And just to make life more interesting, Caeden decided to wake with a 101 degree fever. We were literally down and out for 2 whole weeks. All of us had Bronchitis at the same time and we all had antibiotics prescriptions for 10 days. Life came to a halt. Things are moving again, so I think I can finally say, Welcome 2011.
Since my previous post, I have been pondering on our lesson #9 of 2010 (Life is Hard). To be honest, this is something that I have never wanted to admit. It's easier for me to see life as a glass half full and then not address the difficult. Out of sight, out of mind I guess. However, the past 7 months have forced me to address a lot of things in my life that I would rather not. Sometimes, i want to go back to the comfortable, because living in the struggle is painful. But what is life, if not lived in the trenches only to be brought out by the grace and power of Almighty God? Just like reading to learn, we embrace the pain in order to live.

John Piper said, If you cannot embrace the pain of learning but must have instant gratification, you forfeit the greatest rewards of life.

Well said, so my "glass half full" view of life never brings me to my desperate need for a Savior and on my knees pouring my heart out to God; but rather brings me a false life of ease. A wonderful phrase was written into my Isaiah study, "Our gracious and powerful God is able to overturn easy lives in order to create Holy lives."
So the question lies in, what am I pursuing, Ease or Holiness?

The boys have been trying to learn a little rap song, that Mike made up in a high school play.
"Peter walked on water
when he kept his eyes on Jesus,
but when he took them off,
he was swimming with the fishes."
Hearing them rap/sing it always makes me smile and reminds me something I
read in the John Piper book.
They (the pharisees) wanted safety on the seas.
But they did not want to know Jesus for who he was...........
They loved their physical safety.
But they claimed to have too little evidence to know the Son of God.
He was too threatening to their desires.

God has purposefully brought us here in this season of life and my prayer is that we don't run from it because it may be hard.
But rather: Run to Jesus, be broken, be healed.
And let the healing transform us, renew us, and propel us into deeper
abandonment of self and a fuller life in Christ.
May the learning never stop!