Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Library Card

Since moving here, we have familiarized ourselves with the local library, took Owen to a few story times, checked out some books and a few movies, used the computers, even used it as an "office space" for Mike to quietly get some work done. I haven't been too thrilled with the children's book section yet. In the 5 years that we have been reading Children's books from the library, we have purchased a total of 5. The books we decide to purchase have to be special, inspiring, fun to read, attention keepers, and ones that the kids want to continuously read.
Yesterday, Owen and I read 14 books together. 8 in the morning by ourselves and 6 later that night with Caeden. This is something I thought Owen would never be able to accomplish. He hasn't ever been much of a sitter and he isn't ever quiet. I am proud him, because it is really special bonding for me to cuddle with my kids and read to them.
So, there was a gem in the group of books that we got from the library this past week. It is inspring, it has been read over and over, it keeps their attection, and it is fun! The book is Edward and the Pirates. The little boy in the book has just learned to read, and loves books because when he reads, the characters in the story come alive. In one paticular Pirate book he was reading, the Pirates come into his room in search of the clues to the hidden treasure. My favorite part is when Edwards mom comes riding in on a white horse and pins the pirate to the wall with her sword. Then his father bounds in with bow and arrow and makes the pirates surrender their swords. In the end Edward ends up reading the book to the pirates because as we all know, pirates are illiterate.
After finishing this story for the first time, I told Caeden that when he learns to read, he can get his very own library card. His response was, "Ok, but can I still live with you guys?"
This made me laugh because, it either means that he refuses to read until he is 18, or he sees this as so much freedom for a 5 year old that it must mean he will be on his own for the rest of his life. I assured him that he can live with me for as long as he wants too, even when he is old. To which he replied, "but one day i want to marry a mom and then just come visit you guys."
Oh why do they have to grow up?

"mom, I told you that you don't have to be sad, when I grow up." (Owen)

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