Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Is this the little boy I carried?"

Nov. 12, 2010
Owen prayed with Daddy today and asked God into his heart!!!
Overwhelming Joy!!!
I have been teaching the verse "God is my Salvation" to the boys. Because several times a day, Owen says, "i know who can save us from the skunk ( or anything else you might insert there)." Knowing the answer, we still reply "who Owen ?". and his answer is always, "GOD!"
I love seeing the fruit of Faith in my tender warriors!

Where has the time gone?
In less than two months, Owen will be 4 years old.
What a privilege to be his mom. He is so content, happy, imaginative, and loving. He is strong-willed, decisive, and a leader. He makes me melt and laugh and I can still stare at him in awe the way I did when he was born.
He reminds us every day that he is the strongest, biggest, fastest boy around. Even stronger than Sammie dog.

Owen loves:
reading books,
playing with cars and trucks,
watching the cartoon Super Why,
daily wearing his gun holster with any outfit,
shooting guns fashioned out of tinker toys or sticks,
pretending he can fly,
getting back rubs,
reminding his mom and dad how much he loves us

He likes to compete and loves to win. Even when walking in the house, he runs ahead and says, "I'll beat ya there!"We are so proud of how well he is riding his bike. This is the first year that I didn't get to take both boys to the Pumpkin Patch. Caeden visited with his Kind. class on a field trip. I admit it made me a little sad to not have both of them with me, although O and I had a really great time. Mike and I love hearing the boys talk to each other and watching them play together, they really adore each other even though they mostly show it through aggressive play. In the picture below, Owen donned an Indian hat when we went to visit Caeden at his Native American Party in Kindergarten.

Owen, we are really in love with you!
love, Mom, Dad, and Caeden

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