Monday, August 2, 2010

10 things i am loving right now!

1) Organic Iced Green Tea
a possible addiction

2) Organic Dark chocolate

a guilty pleasure with health benefits

3) Girl Talk
I am in San Diego right now spending quality time with 2 friends that I have known for 17 years. Is that possible? That is half my life? Am I that old? There are few things better in life than getting with old friends and feeling like time has never been lost. Such deep, life altering conversations with truth spoken in love. So much fun to also play with their kiddos!
One of these wonderful ladies blogs as well and is a very gifted writer.
The other one is on staff with a great church in San Diego and her brother got married this weekend which is the original reason I flew down there.
On a side note: The photographer of the wedding used to work for Jedidiah clothing company. Remember when I blogged about them and recieved 3 free women's tees. The photographer is the girl who sent them to me......small world!

4) Exploring Northeren California
Such a wonderful place to live. I am so excited about all the new adventures we will experience as a family.

5) Vacationing with my parents

What a treat to get to spend an entire month with these 2 special people. God has blessed me with absolutely wonderful parents.

6) Above the Golden State

This band led worship while we visited Hume Lake Christian Camp.
They will on my itunes list really soon.

7) CS Lewis
A quick read but full of wisdom. How was he so gifted?

8) Trader Joes (grocery)
If you have shopped here, you will know the love.

9. Summer reading with the kids.
We have almost finished this children's book.
10. Moving into our new house.
Aug 1st we got the keys. Since I am in So Cal, Mike and the boys that been moving in. Oh I am so ready to be settled in our new home, sit with my hubby on the back patio in the cool evening sipping green tea, reading a book, and enjoying the view of the mountains.

Oh yeah one more thing:
I love Booties!! All of them, but specifically these from Anthropologie

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Anonymous said...

Def going to listen to that band :)
btw, lovely boots!