Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a difference a year makes

I love that at 5 yrs. old, Caeden knows enough to care about what mommy would want for her birthday. He was adamant that he needed to get me a "fancy dress." Mike took them to the store and let them pick out my gift. This is the dress Caeden wanted, and I love it so much.
How thoughtful he has become. The other day he made his bed without being asked so when i took him to Lowe's with me, I told him to pick out a treat for himself. He wanted a sprinkler for all the kids to jump in because he said it might "cheer up" his friend Sadie.

It has been a year already since this post of Caeden starting preschool.
Mike and I just re-watched the video and it makes me so sad. He looks so old now compared to that video of last year.
It is time for school again and we have chosen to have him repeat pre K. I am really hoping it will help with his focus and confidence in school. He loves learning and I pray that he will thrive in this new school environment. He obviously has the social skills down because during our summer trip, Caeden was in charge of capturing photos on the small camera. We got pictures ranging from Grandaddy's backside to close-ups of newscasters on TV. He had an obsession of taking pictures of himself and getting people to make funny faces. He would walk up to complete strangers and ask them to make a funny face. I was amazed at his outgoing personality, but tried to teach him about restraint and tact, because not everyone wants a 5 yr old stranger putting a camera in their face.

below are some of the funny faces he caught on camera:

This kid didn't mind so much. We have no clue who these two people are. His Dad wasn't so willing to comply, however.
He took a ton of himself, but here are a serious and crazy one as well as the rest of the family's funny faces.

thank you Caeden for daily giving me reasons to smile!

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