Thursday, September 23, 2010

what the boys are loving right now!

1. Playing outside all day long whenever possible
* tree forts
* swing sets
* battery powered trucks and four-wheelers
* riding bikes along the trail by our house and in our yard
* building bike ramps with Daddy big enough to make me scared to ride on them.
* the sand box in the yard
* sling shots
* weapons of mass destruction (light sabers, toy guns, toy swords, etc)

2. Hot wheels tracks

3. Leggos

4. little Army men

5. Dress up costumes. Usually as superheroes.

This year for halloween, Caeden is Optimus Prime the Transformer

Caeden is loving school. The first two weeks he had a little difficulty learning how to be quiet and obey all the rules expected by the teacher. These last two weeks have changed dramatically. He has motivated himself to be the best behaved child in class. There is a stuffed lion named Leonardo, who is awarded to the best behaved child in class that day. Leonardo gets to pal around with them all day and he sits on their desk. Caeden has won Leonardo twice in the last two weeks. He is also super motivated by his chore chart. Nothing was left undone last week. Then entire sheet was covered in stickers. He has asked for Hot Lunch at school, so Monday he enjoyed School nachos and watermelon. Today he asked to stay later for after school care. Instead of getting him at 1pm he went with the other kids until 2:45. The other day in the store, he said, "Mom, look at all the phonograms in this store?" To which I replied, "what are phonograms?" ( i kinda knew, but not really) He proceeded to show me the double e's and o's and said a phonograms is like "sh, says shhh." There is a maturity to him developing that I have not seen before. It makes me so proud, as well as sad that life is passing us by so quickly.

Owen is an army guy in honor of my dad who served in the Vietnam War

Owen is super lovey boy. He can be in the middle of playing (very intense during his playtime i might add), when he just looks at me, tilts his head, and says, "Aw mom, your the best in the whole world, I love you!!" or curl up in my lap and put his head down and say, "mom, i want to love on you!" He is so affectionate, kind, considerate. He is really growing up too. He has learned to ride his new pedal bike. He was very attached to the push bike and did not want to give that up. He keeps asking when he is going to school. I can't believe he will be in preschool next year. I am really enjoying my one-one-one time with him at home this year. I love how he tells and shows us every day his super human strength. When I asked if he could really have super powers, he said that he would want to fly.

I love being a mom to these 2 crazy, lovable kids.

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