Monday, August 9, 2010

Superheroes among us

We live with 2 pretty amazing kids. Superheroes in the making!

This was our breakfast conversation.....................

Me: "what do you want to do today boys?"

O: "play superman"

C: "and batman"

Me: "how bout you put your capes on and run outside and swing from the rope swing?"

C: "that's a really good idea!"

O: " and jump from the tree house with our capes on so we can fly"

Me: "uh i don't think we are ready for that yet!"

I had made some chocolate/pear scones and fresh strawberry jam so we could deliver them to some nearby neighbors who had already fed us dinner a few evenings before. After the superhero party in our yard, it was time to make the delivery. The boys just hopped on the bike and 4 wheeler decked out in their finest costumes. They wheeled right up to the neighbors house as if nothing looked the least bit odd. Their 4 yr old Gavin was quite impressed. We invited him back to play in our tree house until lunch time. Gavin walked with me back to the house and wanted to hold my hand the entire way.
It is times like these that i hope they never grow up!

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