Saturday, July 17, 2010

Morning Convo

This is the first thing I heard this morning. (since i am sharing a room with the boys)
The boys whispering to themselves in bed.
It went like this....

C: "Owen guess what we get to do today?"

O: "What?"

C: "We get to go camping with Sadie and Braden"

O: "Yeah but I don't know if the volcano is gonna erupt"

C: "No, its too old, it just erupts once a day"

O: "Yeah only once a day"

HAHAHA, that is so cute. They are both right, We are heading for camp today and will be there for a week. Lassep Pines Christian Camp. Elevate Worldwide is the name of our Non-profit organization that will be working with the camp to bring in kids, and church youth groups and to lead all the programs as well as network with local churches in Northern California. Here is our website Elevate.
The camp is right outside of Lassen Volcanic National Park. So yes, Mt. Lassen is a volcano.
This has been the summer of visiting National Parks. I am excited to explore this one as well.

Here's to hoping it doesn't erupt once a day!
Happy Camping!

California Coast

When we went to visit the coast, we stayed at a friends house in Crescent City, CA.
These beach pictures are along Smith River, CA right before you enter Oregon.

Redwood Natl Park

When you have already driven across the country, why not drive 5 more hours to get to the Pacific Coast and visit some really huge trees.
Redwood Trees are magnificent!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hope's new website

My sister Hope is an amazingly creative makeup artist!
She just launched her new website.
Check it out!
Click below

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 2 in Yosemite

So these blog posts are not in order, but here are a few pictures of our 2nd day in Yosemite Natl Park. We have had the pleasure as a family of enjoying several of our country's largest national parks and I think Yosemite ranks as 1. It is now my Dad's favorite place and that says a lot. It is incredibly beautiful and there is so much for a family to do together.
We all started on a 0.8 mile hike to Vermal (or Vernal ?) falls. It was a really steep hike and we got this far. The kids whined a little but where so excited when we got to the bridge for this view.

Later we found a "beach" area that the kids could swim in. The water was FREEZING!!!!!!!
As evidenced by their faces below. :)

During the drive out on both days, we saw a black bear. They are more brown in color up here, but still considered a black bear.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunrise in the Grand Canyon

Mike and I awoke at 4 am for the Sunrise in the Grand Canyon.
It was well worth it!

Friday, July 2, 2010

one week so far

Tonight we are staying in Gallup, New Mexico (on Route 66)
Traveling with 4 adults, 2 kids, and 1 dog is not for the faint of heart.
Thank God we are in a motorhome (towing our car)

Highlights from this week:
1) Had a wonderful time with Mike's family in Asheville, NC.

2) Ate dinner with old friends in Nashville, TN and in Searcy, AR.

3) In Oklahoma City, we visited an urgent care, and found out that Owen has a double ear infection. During our trip to the urgent care, Mike and my dad took Caeden to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Thank God for Wanda & Bob (my brother-in-law Brad's parents). They fed us a delicious dinner and to die for homemade banana ice cream and chocolate sheet cake. I felt more comfortable taking Owen to a doctor recommended by people we trust.

4) In Amarillo, Tx we ate at The Big Texan. Home of the 72 oz steak. If you choose, you can eat it all in 60 minutes and then it is free. Otherwise it costs $72.

5) Haven't used a tent yet. Mike and I have been sleeping on the fold out couch (and the kids on the fold out table). Last night we placed the air mattress on top of our little bed for more comfort, but apparently it had a leak. I chose to laugh instead of cry :)

6) Tonight we are eating a Cowboy BBQ at the campground and our country music entertainment is a worn out old cowboy with a deep voice who dons a patch on his right eye.
Should be a great hoedown :)

Tomorrow......the Grand Canyon!!