Thursday, July 31, 2008

11 Random things I am loving right now.

This randomness has increased my interest in the areas of politics & the economy, cooking, friendships, philanthropy, home design, exercise, family, food, and fun.  I am drawn to the humorous, creative, inspiring, and insightful things that make me laugh, think, and act.
Here is the list so you can enjoy them too.

1) Arizona's Arnold Palmer Iced Tea with Lemonade
The perfect blend of 1/2 Tea & 1/2 lemonade.
I could drink a gallon!
2) Facebook
Reconnecting with some old friends has been fun and easy.  It is great seeing how people have matured and grown in their walk with the Lord over the past decade.

A wonderful place for inexpensive, handmade and creative gifts.  
Just like these adorable pendants from the seller CaughtRedHanded.
The first one was hope's present last year, she just might be getting the dandelion this year. :)

I am addicted to this website, if only i could remember the big words after i play the game.
For each word you get right, 20 grains of rice is donated through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.  It goes to level 60, I have only reached level 40 once, but mostly i stay around level 35.  

By far my favorite design site right now, too bad i can't afford much from here, but i love getting ideas.

This site is so creative and the best one out there for all the influx of sites selling wall stickers.  We bought the race track for the boys play room.  their products are durable and easy to peel and they re-stick so you don't mess up the paint.  This is the picture of how we used it on our wall.

Another favorite site to check for ideas with our master bedroom project.  This store is much more affordable.  .

I listen to his radio show on 1240 AM radio.  He is really funny, straight to the point, and does a great job at clearly explaining what is happening in the economy right now.  

Funny Funny Funny
i have been watching his re-runs during the kids nap time on Comedy Channel at 2:30 pm.

Getting me in shape for my participation in The Human Race 10k 
If only i had a Nike+ ipod and shoe computer thingy, i would be all set to enter.

11) Everyday with Rachael Ray
This magazine is better than I expected it to be.  It is filled with recipes that are simple and really tasty.  

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