Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Old Friends

  Today i went to lunch with two high school friends, one in which i haven't seen in 15 years.  It was so great to hear all about their lives and what has happened in the last decade and a half and reminisce about high school days, the teachers we loved and hated, the crazy things we did, the friends that we barely keep in touch with.  I have not been good at all at keeping in touch with people,  when i move on in life, i guess it is easier for me to leave everything behind.  My husband is the one who still talks to people he went to elementary school with.
Signing up with Facebook has been fun lately because i have found a lot of people that i haven't talked to in 10-15 years.  Where has the time gone?  I am still somewhat the same, hopefully wiser and kinder.  I need to and want to do a better job and being a friend to people that live here and those that live far away.  I want my kids to appreciate the friendships that they create and not treat life as shallow as i have in the past.
I meant to take a picture today, but my camera stayed in my purse and i forgot.
i don't think it is necessary to post a high school picture of myself:) just picture big bangs!!


The Behlmers said...

I bet I could find a picture or two!! I'd bet $20 that you would have Umbros on in the picture, too.
My hubby and I are the same way! He's always chatting with friends from way back, and I have just now started to find and reconnect with old freinds! My mom still goes on girl weekends with Mary Kaye Stevens! They are good examples for me and my friendships.

Erin Decker said...

I totally think a pic is necessary...come on!!!!

Melanie said...

umbros, man i loved those shorts, i had all colors :) ha