Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Library Books

Today we got a whole new set of library books again, So here is the list of our favorites from last week.  

Rhinos Who Rescue
This is the one that Caeden decided to keep for an extra week.
The author uses "fireman jargon" to tell the adventures of the fire rhinos.

Racer Dogs
This was a very creative book of several dogs, all of which had names, and told a story of their experiences in Race Day.  I like how the tortoise and the hare were a part of the race too.

Just the Way You Are
This is a great message for kids, to understand that you are beautiful just the way you are, and to be happy with how you are made, and to celebrate your friends differences.

Trucks Roll
My boy's love Big Trucks and knowing what they carry and trying to understand all the different shapes and sizes and uses for the trucks.

This is the book i am reading,  our girls group has gone through 2 chapters so far.  It is a simple and fundamental view of the way Jesus practiced evangelism, through Kindness and Servanthood.  We all need to practice these virtues daily.  Christians would have a much better witness to the  lost if we put down our pride. see the need in a persons life, and acted to meet that need without expecting anything in return.   Instead we keep to ourselves, don't want to be interrupted, pass judgement, and fear sharing our faith.  How will anyone see the love or the power of Christ revealed if we act like that? 
Lord, help me!!

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