Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Library books

Library day again today.  It is difficult to search for interesting. educational, and age appropriate children's books in the library when the boys don't stay put and the books are organized by author's last name.  So i wasn't sure what we brought home last week.  Thankfully, my boys love any books and these are the three favorite out of the seven that we brought home.

  This Truck was the one that we kept home for an extra week.  It has few words, but is filled with a ton of pictures of trucks and tractors.

Dr. Seuss never fails to fatigue my tongue, this book is long and crazy, but really creative.

This was a really cute book about a cat that wanted to build a perfect nest so a chicken could lay an egg and he could steal the egg to make an omelet.  He ran into a few surprises.

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