Thursday, May 14, 2009


PFR formerly known as "Pray for Rain" to those of us keen on Christian music in the mid-1990's.  Famous in the Wheeler household for such songs as Goldies last Day and Great Lengths.
I digress, lately the Connell household has been praying for rain. Not just sprinkles, but lightning, and the crack of thunder to be specific.  Our prayers were answered mid-afternoon yesterday, and it was an amazing down-pour.    It is hard for kids to understand why we pray and how God even listens and answers. Good ole' Fl. has needed rain, so we decided to ask God to water the flowers, grass, and trees because they were really thirsty.  A few days of praying and waiting in anticipation and suddenly the storm was almost here.  We sat outside eagerly waiting for it.  First the clouds got dark, really dark, then the wind started to blow harder and harder, we could see the dark clouds moving overhead and hear thunder off in the distance.  We sat and waited to see who would be the first one to feel the raindrops on their skin.  Once the raindrops were felt, a minute went by and all of a sudden it is as if a train was coming down the road, the rain was so loud and was announcing it's arrival.  There were cheers and glee and running around outside getting soaked with big smiles on our faces, because we knew that God had heard our prayers.  We knew this rain was for us just as much as it was for the dry, thirsty ground.  Lightning and Thunder soon followed and two giddy boys watched from the window panes of our front door.  
I was so glad that we received an ideal storm for teaching my kids,  the way it came and went was perfect, we could use all of our senses to tell it was coming and when it came it was a huge arrival and did not disappoint.
That night before bed, we thanked God for listening to our prayers and answering us.

Owen's prayer went something like this:

Daddy: " Thank you God for the lightning and thunder"
O: " Thank you God por da witenin and punger"
Daddy: (smiling because of hearing punger) " Thank you God that Owen is so cute"
O: "Thank you God dat I'n so Cute"
Daddy: " Thank you God for my family"
O: "Thank you God por Daddy's family"
Daddy: "Thank you for Loving us, Amen"
O: " Thank you por wuving us, Amen"

Rain Rain come again!
picture was taken with my mobile, a few months prior

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