Monday, May 4, 2009

Lion Cupcakes a success?

Busch Gardens was a blast and i will post more about that later.
The lion cupcakes were a success, considering they traveled 2.5 hours in baggies in the car then 2.5 hours in the baggies in the stroller before we decorated and ate them.  Owen enjoyed them, and I think everyone else did too.  Except myself, because my husband and I are on a no sugar diet for 6 weeks (only 1 week down).
C's cupcake was the only one with carmel popcorn for the lion mane.  I actually liked how it looked better than the ones with slivered almonds.  
Mission completed and successful, i think!

1 comment:

Art Teacher said...

I have been meaning to tell you that I love your lion cupcakes!
I love Owen's face!
and did I mention that the picture of C skipping through the water is priceless?
Miss you