Monday, May 4, 2009

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens was a blast.  It was one of those moments where I had early conversations with myself of "ok, don't get stressed, take it slow, let things just happen and be ok with it, don't rush around and try to see everything,  if the kids don't nap it is ok."  I tend to like my scheduled life a little too much sometimes and it is good for me to step out of the norm and going to a theme park on a hot saturday with two toddlers and 12 other family members/friends and see that we can still have a wonderful time.  

The kids were fantastic, really great.  They loved every part of it..animals, rides, water play area, food, cupcakes, presents, (no naps :)).  We left the house at 7:45 am and did not leave Busch Gardens until 6:30 pm.; we had our last supper with Brad and Heather before they left on their trip across the country, then drove to Michelle's house in Brandon to sleep over.  I am thankful for Fl. Resident season passes so we can go back all year for free (minus parking) and experience Busch Gardens again.


Laura said...

love that last pic of you and Mike... it makes me feel like you guys were in Africa for real!

Melanie said...

don't i wish
i would love to visit Africa