Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Etsy loving

Just thought i would post some of my favorite dresses by Amanda Archer
found on Etsy (of course)


J'Aime said...

wow you guys get up early. do you live near woodsmoke?
the lodge is in grapevine about 40 minutes from here. just north of the dallas airport. there are several locations but the closest to you is NC, I believe.

my students told me magic pulled it out last night. :) i geuss you all slept well.

i keep checking your blog every now and then for a new ticker counting down the days for you---hoping it will be a girl. Along with having a wider range of colors, while shopping, it would be fun to have a little one that didn't dive bomb into everything, drum on everything and giddily announce their toots routinely. :)

J'Aime said...

ok, so now that i have posted the same thing like 800 times on your site...please erase so i don't look like such an idiot. :) i finally read the directions that said you needed to approve before I could see it posted...agh, not too savvy i guess.