Sunday, May 10, 2009

Air Craft Carrier or Cruise Ship

Our message in church this morning was really fabulous and challenging.

Orlando, our pastor, gave an analogy about the church choosing to act like a cruise ship or an air craft carrier. 
 If you think about a cruise ship: 1) it is all about you when you are on the ship, 2) when your time is up, you have accomplished nothing all week, 3) it is very self-serving

If you think about an air craft carrier: 1) each person on the ship has specific job to do and works together to accomplish a mission, 2) each plane on the ship is sent out to aid/protect/serve others, 3) it is very service oriented

His examples were more easy to understand, but you get the picture.  In my life and in the way we want to train our kids to live, we want to be an air craft carrier.  I do not want my kids growing up thinking that life is all about how they can be served and how life can be comfortable.  But, if I look at my life now, do my kids really see a service oriented life. 
God has been tugging our hearts this past year to give up material things and not hold so dear to the temporal.  We have been getting our house ready to sell and be available for where God wants to be and what He wants us to do.  I have no idea what that will look like.  If we have to  live in a trailer, ok; if we get to buy an RV park and move, ok; Not to us OH Lord, but for your glory!

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Jacque Pelley Delp said...

Hey Mel!

I really like your post today. We are doing a series at church leading up to Vision Sunday at the end of the month. I think I am going to cut and paste your pastor's views on the Cruise ship vs. Air Craft Carrier to my husband as we actually have the replica of a portion of a ship on the platform for this series. I think it could tie in very well!

Every time I read something of yours I miss the bike rides in Florida . . .here it is Moutain Bike riding which is good too, but different. I remember riding over to the campground lots when we were kids! That was always fun to hang out over there.

I will be praying for you as you begin this journey to where ever and what ever God leads your family to do. From one that has been there, done that, sold the house and spent 7 months living in a 5th wheel with 3 kids (while home schooling part of the time) I can tell you it can be done! It is a life changing experience that will only grow your family and your love for God and if you listen to his leading you will end up EXACTLY where he wants you to serve. What a blessing that is!

Take care of yourself! Oh and you take such great photos! Love them!