Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obsessions as of late

I have an obsession with rain boots (wellies) on my kids.  They are so great for Fl. summers and so cute in pictures.  We shopped around at few stores this season and finally found our favorites and the most inexpensive too at TJMAXX!   I am also obsessed with figuring out iLife 09 and its photo editing tools.  I might go a little overboard on the editing, but who really cares anyway, it's not like i am selling them.  O is wearing the yellow fireman boots and C is wearing the camo.

But First, here are last years photos:

and here is what last years looks like now.  The green ones got pitched in the trash.

Now, here are this years boot photos so far:

P.S. if I really needed a pair (and I just might) I would want these

these are pretty darn cute also (ebay)

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J'Aime said...

you crack me up!