Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayer Request

Today we need to be in prayer for Jameson Setsma and his family.  
Mike and I went to College with JT's parents Todd and Melisa.  

He was born in July 2008 with a disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa.  
It is a rare skin disease in which the skin blisters and falls off and has a difficult time re-growing. Jameson needs to be bandaged from head to toe and is very fragile, on top of this he has a hernia and an infection in his blood.

You can read their latest blog entry here.

Jameson is scheduled for his Hernia Surgery TODAY.  The family is asking prayer for no complications as this is very possible for an infant with this disease.

Lord, I pray for Protection of Jameson's body inside and out.  I pray for the the doctor's wisdom and careful hands in performing surgery and treating this beautiful baby.  I pray for his parents and family members that you will Give them Overwhelming peace, Sufficient grace, and Tender mercy.  Thank you for being a GOD that is bigger than our Circumstances and for walking with this family every step of the way and never leaving them. 
Please let there be no complications of any kind in the surgery and let Jameson come through smiling and ready to tackle a new day.
May your name be praised, Lord God

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The Behlmers said...

Hey Mel. Thanks for getting the word out about this family. I looked up a little bit more about the condition and cried. My heart is so sad at all that this sweet little boy will endure.
I will be sure to keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.