Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting Dirty!

My boys love:
1) working with Daddy and getting dirty
2) reading with Mommy and being silly
3) playing all day outside and getting dirty

As parents, we love them whole heartedly and we love: 
1) their innocence and wonder
2) their zeal for life
3) their sense of humor
4) their desire to learn

& we pray for:
1) God to protect them and guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus
2) them to grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and Man
3) them to hide God's Word in their hearts
4) them to be tender warriors that fight for the heart of the KING
5) them to seek wisdom and understanding and find the knowledge of God.

These pictures are reminders to me of how precious life is and what life is all about.  
Family.... learning, loving, living together, and no fear of getting Dirty!!


Laura said...

precious post, mel!!!

Art Teacher said...

I love this post...I'm you let them get dirty!

Melanie said...

thanks guys,
i like the encouragement!