Thursday, August 28, 2008

Library Books

These are the Last two weeks of Library Books.   Although, this past week, we did bring home 8 books.  All of them have been enjoyable.

something about this book, makes my kids want to roar with every page. I guess that is why the Author ends each page with , "shhh Listen."

This is one of those books that gets really tiring to read, because each page builds on the previous one., so by the last page, you have repeated "the lot at the end of my block", about 59 times.

more books about tractors for little boys.

Owen is enthralled with this book and Caeden has it memorized, before his nap, he read it to me!

Graeme Base
the same author of Animalia,  this one is also super creative, wildly imaginative, and makes you search for a hidden wildebeest on each page.

At first you see a car or a plane, then think to yourself, wait a minute that is all food.

One of the favorites!!  A cute story filled with vehicles and dogs!

any book in which a little boy goes to work with his dad, is a good book!

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