Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Saturday

These are pictures from the new playground at Lakes Park.
My dad joined us on opening day.  The playground is really cool and "train-inspired".  It is located next to the new train museum.  We had a lot of fun.  Too cool off, I let the kids play in the water area first that is located on the other side of the park.  


Art Teacher said...

What a cool park. I wish that I lived there so I could check it out!

The Behlmers said...

HA! Lakes Park?! I haven't thought about that place in YEARS!! I'm so glad we reconnected because I am reliving my childhood years through you! And the animal picture wall is still a memory, too! I'm glad to see that your dad is still taking beautiful pictures.
And if ever you post about the game Ghost, I will just lose it!!!

Melanie said...

ha ha
that is so funny!! i haven't introduced my kids to that game yet! heather and i did see Beth Briggs at a Women of Faith conference though. that was reliving memories!