Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yummy recipes

I made these yummy carmel sticky rolls from scratch using a buildabelly recipe. Which have been my very favorite to make; they are all so delicious.  These were for my birthday breakfast and her streusal topped cheesy broccoli was a side dish for my birthday dinner.  I also wanted to make her gingerbread waffles, but i ran out of time.   Maybe i will try to make the waffles tonight. 

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Buidabelly recipe

For my birthday cake i made this strawberry cake from Martha Stewart.  
I forgot to take a picture of my cake, but believe me, it wasn't this pretty.  I am glad that tasty doesn't always have to be pretty.  

My sister Amber, made this inside out strawberry ice-cream cake for Sam's birthday, I was so impressed with it that i had to post the picture.  It is 3/4 of the way gone, and it still looks scrumptious and gorgeous and i wish that i could have been in Italy to taste it.  The icing is vanilla ice cream.  YUM, way to go, Am!


Erin Decker said...

that looks outstanding!

as for the VB team- I am volunteering, but in a way coaching...going to the games and practices...pretty fun! I start today because school was closed Mon afternoon and Tuesday.

Hope all is well!

Art Teacher said...

I wanted to try that Build a belly recipe, so I'm glad you do. Maybe I'll try it when you guys come up for a visit!

Melanie said...

which one did you want to try, the gingerbread waffles? i made those last night, and we ate them with Cold Stone. They were good