Monday, August 25, 2008

Gymnastic World

The Kids had a blast. 
 My niece Addy is in the first picture, i love that smile!

Caeden hanging on the rope, right after Aunt Heather shimmied all the way to the top.  She still has skills.  My niece, Aspen is a natural gymnast, she wanted to hang upside down on all the equipment
My sisters and i used to take gymnastics at this very same place, scores of years ago.  Not much has changed, maybe a few more equipment bars, but it even smells the same.

Future Olympian Runner.......

The kids enjoyed the foam pit the most. Jumping in over and over again, 
and wriggling their way out.

My sister and her family are moving to Argentina in a few weeks, we are definitely going to miss all of the fun outings that we have enjoyed together.!!


Jessica said...

the pictures are AWESOME!

Melanie said...

thank you

The Behlmers said...

Oh my gosh! Gymnastics World! It DID have a weird smell.....Ava has started Gymnastics and loves it!
Addy looks a bit like Amber did when she was that age.

Melanie said...

and Aspen is a miniature Heather.