Monday, May 12, 2008

You tagged me?

I am:  tired
I think: i might take a nap
I know: my kids will wake up as soon as i fall asleep
I want: to get in shape
I wish: it was easier to do what i want. (get in shape)
I hate: injustice
I miss: amber
I fear: too much, and don't trust enough
I feel: bloated
I hear: God telling me to listen  and stop interrupting
I smell: better than Mike. (meaning his nose is always clogged)
I crave: my mom's homemade choc chip cookies
I search: for truth and knowledge 
I regret: not sharing the TRUTH with other people
I love: Jesus, my husband, sons, and family
I ache: because my feet hurt all the time
I care: not enough
I always: say I LOVE YOU to my husband and kids
I am not: tired any more
I believe: that God is changing my heart
I sing: breathy according to Hope
I cry: when i am exhausted and overwhelmed
I fight: with myself alone
I write: on my blog
I win: never
I lose: all the time
I never: clean my house enough
I confuse: myself easily
I listen: to my kids
I can usually be found: with my best friends, Mike, Caeden, and Owen
I am scared: of drowning
I need: to be done with this thing
I am happy about: my new little nephew, Sean
I hope: to be a great MOM
I am tagging: Amber who has to do this on my blog>>>

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