Thursday, May 8, 2008

shoe 4 africa

FACT: To date, the AIDS pandemic has left behind more than 14 million orphans...approximately 92% of them live in Africa, If, as expected, the number of adults dying from AIDS rises over the next decade,  Africa will largely be a nation of orphans.

I just read this fact from  and an article in the most recent runners world magazine about this race in Kenya.  check it out by going to this youtube video.

What a race that would have been to be a part of!

I am reading this book called Red Letters and it is opening my eyes to the devastation of a generation in Africa due to aids and genocide.  I am praying about how God wants us to give and be a small part in helping in this crisis.

That is why i posted the link to and  they are links to ministries that help with AIDS relief and caring for orphans.

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