Thursday, May 15, 2008

More tags

Amber filled out her survey too and since my parents are visiting them in Italy, she asked Sam and my Parents to give their answers as well.. Thanks for whoever started this. 
First is Ambers:
I am: Amber
I think: a whole whole lot
I know: Italian
I want: a cappuccino
I wish: I spoke French better
I hate: that I bite my nails
I miss: my sisters
I fear: getting fat J
I feel: good
I hear: Sam in the bathroom
I smell: a candle
I crave: chocolate
I search: hi and lo
I regret: not being more disciplined
I love: Sam
I ache: after running
I care: too much
I always: laugh
I am not: tall
I believe: in myself
I sing: in the shower
I cry: often
I fight: but I don’t like to
I write: on the computer
I win: at monopoly
I lose: badly
I never: read enough
I confuse: my words
I listen: to Feist
I can usually be found:  with Sam
I am scared: of losing family
I need: help
I am happy about: life
I hope: to become more disciplined

Here is Sam's:
I am: Sam
I think: so
I know: that
I want: to go
I wish: I could
I hate: Mike Connell
I miss: Brad Ives
I fear: Todd Henderson
I feel: pretty happy
I hear: the bells ringing
I smell: feet
I crave: cheese
I search: for meaning
I regret: not going
I love: Amber
I ache: for Amber
I care: too much
I always: forget to
I am not: obnoxious
I believe: in cheese
I sing: for you
I cry: for you
I fight: for love
I write: to live
I win: never
I lose: never
I never: win or lose
I confuse: most
I listen: too much
I can usually be found:  sitting down
I am scared: of John’s gun
I need: to keep
I am happy about: pizza
I hope: nope

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Laura said...

your family is so funny.

I love that they all tried to answer with one or two words. ha.