Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hidden tag

I decided to ask Mike to take the survey too and here are his answers....

I am: yours
I think: My life is great
I know: Nothing
I want: Everything
I wish: I wish i had a Land Cruiser
I hate: Global Warming
I miss: Basketball
I fear: a break in of our house
I feel: Very Good
I hear: Dead People
I smell: My dog's gas
I crave: time alone with Mel
I search: The internet
I regret: blowing my knee out
I love: Spending time with my Family
I ache: Everywhere
I care: About Lost People
I always: Fidget
I am not: A quitter
I believe: In Justice
I sing: In the car
I cry: twice a yr.
I fight: professionally
I write: like a 3rd grader
I win: at whatever I do
I lose: never
I never: lose
I confuse: People with no sense of Humor
I listen: selectively
I can usually be found:  With my family
I am scared: of death
I need: my wife
I am happy about: my Relationship with Christ
I hope: I win the Lotto

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