Friday, May 16, 2008

I live in a ZOO!

I had to post these pictures, because it is what life is all about.   I remember when i was young and how much i LOVED playing make-believe.  Now that the kids are getting to that age, i am brought back to my favorite past-time.  I want to encourage the creativity and be present in each and every moment with my kids.  Owen and I were the photographers and guests at the ZOO and Caeden as you can see portrayed los animales.  The above Zebra is eating hay.  All the animals were behind a cage, so they couldn't "get us"!  The masks were found at PBKids.  There was a Hippo sucking his thumb in the water too, but i couldn't get the picture uploaded.  Hope you enjoy living in a ZOO as much as I do!!

Here is the Growl of the TIGER!!
We captured this Giraffe eating leaves off a very tall Tree!


Kari said...

They are so cute!

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