Thursday, May 15, 2008

AND still more tags

Here is my mom's:
I am: hungry
I think: a lot
I know: everything
I want: nothing
I wish: I could be with everybody all the time
I hate: goodbyes
I miss: hellos
I fear: nothing
I feel: happy
I hear: slightly
I smell: too much
I crave: coffee
I search: below
I regret: nothing
I love: everybody
I ache: often
I care: too much
I always: breathe
I am not: mad
I believe: in Jesus
I sing: loudly
I cry: hard
I fight: not enough
I write: not enough
I win: always
I lose: never
I never: am right
I confuse: everybody
I listen: for quiet
I can usually be found:  reading
I am scared: never
I need: Harry
I am happy about: life
I hope: Melanie Reads this

AND here is my Dad's:
I am: IS God
I think: sometimes
I know: a little
I want: a lot
I wish: the best
I hate: evil
I miss: my family
I fear: God
I feel: inadequate
I hear: little
I I don't, I had a shower
I crave: Skip One
I search: for God
I regret: that I haven't had a closer walk with God
I love: Carol
I ache: my foot
I care: about my family
I always: kiss
I am not: CRANKY!
I believe: in God
I sing...Davy Crockett
I cry: a little
I fight: with Amber
I write: not much
I win: at cards
I lose: at cards
I never: burp
I confuse: languages
I listen: most of the time
I can usually be found:  getting quotes
I am scared: sometimes
I need: warmth
I am happy about: most things
I hope: so

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