Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Days

Since i have been working more, the boys have fallen in love with Kylie, their babysitter!
The other day she brought over a slip-n-slide which they thought was the coolest thing ever.
Naturally, I let them play on it the next day too, because i figured it would be great for capturing pictures. I am not too fond however, of the boys calling me Kylie instead of mommy. Although it is probably a compliment to me, because she is gorgeous and super sweet.

Today was a crazy day and i feel just like C looks in this next picture......frazzled!!!

I went to Dr. "G" today and learned all kinds of things about my thyroid problem that I never new. 1. stay away from SOY and WHEAT, 2. drink only reverse osmosis water (never chlorinated water), 3. no Bromine which is found in flour, 4. No Caffeine, and 5. use Sea Salt instead of regular salt
My thyroid is enlarged, so i had to have an ultrasound test on it. then i also need to do a 24 hr. urine sample, a blood test, and a basal metabolic temperature test ( think that is how you say that). He actually listened to me and all my crazy symptoms for 30 minutes then at the end of our time, he prayed with me. I had tears in my eyes. I have been on a form of synthroid for over a year and although i feel better than i did before i went on the medication, my recent miscarriage and hormones have gotten my body and system all out of whack again and I think he will help me get back on track....without the use of a bunch of prescriptions.
Meanwhile i have had this darn heart monitor since 3 pm yesterday and it will come off at 3 pm today. The palpitations have stopped but my discomfort and chest tightness hasn't.
I have felt more like a 73 year old than a 33 year old today and I am ready to be normal again.

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