Monday, July 6, 2009

Prayer Request

This Family could really use our prayers. Maggie Stinziano was a 37 year old woman of God who lost her battle to breast cancer on Sunday, July 5th, 2009. She is survived by her husband, Jordan, and their 4 young children. Maggie and Jordan were the first people to invite us over for dinner when we started going to Summit Church. I also had the privelege of helping Maggie with Physical Therapy treatments before they moved to Syracuse. Her amazing faith in God has been such a testimony to me. When talking about Maggie, Jordan explained how Maggie would say she didn't want people to pity her because she was always taught that the Joy of the Lord was her strength, why would it be any different now just because she had cancer. You can read some recent posts on Jordan's blog here. Jordan is the pastor at Missio Church in Syracuse, NY.

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