Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Couch

We sold our sleek leather couches, it was an impulse decision, but one that i am glad we made. They were great couches that lasted 6 years, we tried to keep them in good condition, except for Sammie Dog and her claw marks when she got mad that we left her in the house alone. If God does ever call us to buy an RV park, then we want to be ready to go without having a ton of furniture to take with us. So we listed all our living room furniture and TV Cabinet on Craigs list. It sold in 24 hrs. Maybe the price was too low, but oh well. I have been looking in furniture stores and consignment/thrift shops, but couches are expensive no matter where you look. We didn't want anything to grand, just something besides a bean bag to sit on. (literally)
Last night, we rode bikes up to Coconut Point to hang out, visit West Elm (just dream shopping), eat dinner, and go to the playground. When we walked into West Elm, all my hopes and dreams were dashed to see the couches at more than $1000. EXCEPT the items in the back hallway :) they had a floor model couch on sale. The guy ended up giving us another $100 off the Sale Price. Then when Mike went to pick it up from the store, they had a brand new one still in the box that they let us take. So we got a Brand New Couch for a TON off the asking price. which made it the cheapest couch we had looked at thus far. Unheard of. Praise God!!
I like the new look!

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Art Teacher said...

I love the new look!!!! I'm am so proud of your deal too.