Friday, July 24, 2009

What I am Learning right now

It has been just over a week since I have began new thyroid medication, began consuming an enormous amount of supplements, and began overhauling my eating habits. The first 3 days, I had a light constant headache, next two days, felt pretty good, and the last two days i have been exhausted. Took a few 3 hour naps over the last few days and still couldn't get out of bed. The Armour Thyroid that I switched too was a small dosage for the first week then it increases over the next two weeks. Being this tired, i can tell that i need a higher dosage. The vitamins I am taking are from Life Extension Labs. They consist of a multi-vitamin, super EPA/DHA, CoQ10, Ester C, Magnesium, Vit. D, and Selenium. Because of my Blood tests, the doctor recommended I take these certain ones. I think my blood tests showed that I was low in magnesium and Vit. D. It also showed that my thyroid levels and my aldosterone levels were way off. I need to get a blood test for my hormone levels too, but have to wait another month or two due to my miscarriage.
My diet has consisted of Gluten Free eating. I have been eating 5 small meals a day, snacking on fruit, nuts, berries, and veggies. I always considered myself a bread lover, but never noticed how much better I would feel by deleting it from my diet. After eating I don't get the full/bloated feeling that seemed so normal before. I am hungrier more often though.
I decided to research Bromine since I have been told to stay away from that too since it works agains the thyroid. There are a lot of websites that talk about the negative affects of Bromine on the body and in laboratory animals, particularly cancer causing affects. It is scary to read about it, i won't link to the websites because some of them look pretty sketchy, but the main thing i read is that It is a de-caking agent found in most flour products. It is listed as Potassium Bromide or Potassium Bromate and is such a harmful chemical that the World Health Organization and the European Union have banned it, but the good ole USA still allows it to be used in our foods. There are a few flour companies that make un-bromified flour; King Arthur is one of them and also Pepperidge Farms makes un-bromified bread.
Whoever may be reading this, I am not offering medical advice just simply documenting my life. So please consult your doctor before diagnosing yourself and taking your condition in your own hands.
Here is to a healthier life!

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J'Aime said...

sorry you have been so tired, I know that's hard with the two boys. hope you ar feeling better today.