Friday, June 27, 2008


This is Day ONE of our master bedroom project. We needed to pour a cement pad to extend our bedroom and to enlarge our lanai.  Caeden really helped a lot and it was so adorable.  As you can see the cement driver got a kick out of seeing our child laborer.   Poor Owen slept though the whole project.  Caeden somehow new exactly what to do and how to help.  He has watched the men pour cement at Woodsmoke before.  Notice the special "cement boots", He asked specifically for those a few days before.  Good ole target garden boots to the rescue.  It was a super hot day and the cement they brought us was "junk" according to mike.  It is complete and on to the Day two.
The videography and editing is my first try so please don't judge me on that.  i don't even know how to attach music to the video yet.  


Art Teacher said...

That is so fun! Caeden is adorable. We miss you guys!

sonrisas said...

we miss you too!