Thursday, June 5, 2008

Carly Jo

I remember first meeting you in Banana Republic when you and Laura were shopping for a green jacket and the perfect outfit to wear on the plane to England.  3 1/2 years has gone by and I am so thankful for the talks and laughter that we have shared together.  I am really proud of your attitude and your trust in Christ through all the the struggles this past year.  The Lord has proven faithful and you will soon have a little one that is so blessed to have you and Kev as parents.  I am excited for your new home and Kevin's new job, but, I will miss my friend!
We will continue to pray for you guys,
By the way, those pregnancy pictures are HOT
i love you


Laura said...

1. This blog made me teary eyed.
2. In the picture, you can't even tell that Carly is pregnant.
3. I look like the pregnant one because of how my dress is cut.
4. Because of some strange shadow, my head/hair looks enormous.
5. Kari got a joke that apparently none of the rest of us did. hmmm

Art Teacher said...

I remember that day too! I never did buy the green jacket. I'm going to miss you too and seeing your sweet boys grow up to fall madly in love with my daughter (it could still happen!) You both have been such great friends to us and we're thankful that God placed you in our lives.
Love you!