Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 things i am loving right now!

I gave in. I had too much fun reading everyone else's posts so i had to create my own.

1.  My man and boys of course!
seriously, how could i not love these guys!  My best friends, all 3!

Thank God for these guys, i am loving and cherishing the mommy hugs, the daddy wrestling, Owens' words....lion, apple, boat, plane......any many more, &
Caeden's constant reminders that mike and i are his best friends!

2. Caeden's Style  (takes after his dad)
I love This necklace that Caeden picked out for me in American Eagle. 

I want to wear it every day!

3.  My new bike

I haven't gotten to break it in yet, let alone take pictures, 
but i am excited for the many rides ahead.

4.  My new bag that declares my love for my new bike
couldn't pass it up for 6 bucks!

5.  skinny vanilla latte(decaf)

It used to be frapps in college, then white chocc mochas, then cinn. dolce lattes, pepp mochas in winter, but  i tried the skinny and i feel less guilty drinking it and am pleased with great taste, less filling! (that works for coffee, right?)

6.  mighty-mite basketball league at the YMCA
Caeden and Aspen have been playing every friday night for 6 weeks.  Tomorrow is the last night.  It truly is so cute, even when caeden wants to sit on the bench with us and play with Owen instead of follow his coach and teammates down the court.

7.  skype

For the simple reason that i don't have to miss out on Amber's life and cute face!

8.  FREE HAIR CUTS!!............thanks to Carly for the gift card and Robert of Philadelphia for my great cut.  Not much change, just a little trim and color. But i like how healthy my hair feels after a cut. no picture needed!

9. Build-a-belly

Every Recipe that i have ever made off of this blog has been Post-worthy delicioso!! 

10.  Netflix
I get excited every week when our movie comes in and mike and i get to have a movie date.  Most recently American Gangster, great movie!! Next up Semi-Pro.


Art Teacher said...

Yippee! You joined us! Was it hard to come up with stuff? Glad you got to use the hair cut gift card!

Laura said...

I love that you love Buildabelly!