Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Day

This morning over breakfast the boys and I discussed SIN and how it separates us from GOD. It's one of those things that I pour my heart out and use too many words, but never really know if they are listening or retaining anything Then on the drive to school today, I wanted to explain myself one more time about our converstation. I told C that if he asks Jesus into his heart he will receive all of God's power. It ended with Caeden praying with me to ask Jesus into his heart. It was so awesome. I know that he is really young and might not fully understand everything this entails, but we as parents want to celebrate it and encourage him in his new Faith. If you are reading this, please say a prayer for him and us.

Tonight at bedtime, we were discussing Noah and the Ark.
Me: "what did Noah and his family do after they stepped off the ark?"
Caeden: " SIN"
haha i was hoping he would say, worship God, but saying SIN makes me realize that he was in fact listening to me at the breakfast table.

Here is a video of that last few weeks of caeden in his BMX class.
it has been so much fun to watch.


Amber said...

woah, what a cook track!! i'm so impressed with my 4year old nephew! he's so good on the bike. Dylan has a lot to live up to.

J'Aime said...

That's wonderful news guys.

Art Teacher said...

I just cried reading this. I'm praying for Caeden and you and Mike as you shepherd his heart! Okay, now I'm going back to watch the video.

Art Teacher said...

Wow, he is awesome. I can't believe that he is only 4!

Laura said...

So awesome that Caeden received Jesus into his heart!