Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BMX clinic

Week 2

Some may say: cool, supportive mom
Some may say poser
But, He made BMX class look so easy
and although it might sound cheesy, I gave it a try too!
No, I wasn't any good at it, but just like Owen practicing his football form
If we keep it up, we might get to race
Down the steep hill at the start of the track
Pumping our arms and legs, learning to do a bike dance
round the curves, through the rhythm, up the hills, to the finish .
We were tired, thirsty, sweaty, and sore, but we enjoyed the thrill together and most of all, Survived.

p.s. we passed out homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at the end to all the parents and kids from the cl!ss (made with gluten free flour, which i did not mention to anyone) they were scrumptious !

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Amber said...

oh man mel, i like reading all your comments. :) you're such a fun mom.