Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BMX clinic

Week One:

Rental helmet: $2
long sleeve shirt: vintage hand-me-down by Dad
pants: old jeans
bike: His birthday gift
Feeling Nostalgic while our super excited 4 year old boy races around a track: priceless

See the boy racing on his tee? It is Mike when he was 4 years old
That tee is about 30 years old and still in good condition

It is time!
Time for Mike to pass the baton and and hand down his love for BMX down to the next generation. It is time for C to experience the thrill of being a boy who can race as fast as his legs will take him.

On Tues. nights at 6 pm the Naples BMX track has a clinic for beginners. The instructor is a patient and skilled man named Ray. The class consisted of two 4 yr. old boys and two 8 yr. old boys of varying skill levels.

We watched and cheered from outside the fence, while keeping this crazy kid entertained.

The started with the fundamentals:
1)Pedal as hard as you can down hill, on the curves, and on the straightaway
2)Do NOT pedal uphill.
3)Stand up on the bike at all times
4)Learn how to stand and coast without pedaling

Note to self: purchase some exercise pants for my son. Each time he tried to mount his bike, his jeans would get stuck on his seat and he needed help getting his leg over. So cute to watch!
Next they attempted the Ramp
and got some one-on-one training

time to tackle the Track

By this time, they had been practicing for over an hour and the sun had gone down. These last two pictures are a little too dark. He raced the entire track twice without falling and without stopping. It was amazing to watch. I should have taken a picture of the elated face and the sweat drenched head after coming off the track. "Can we do that every week?" he asked.

I am thinking about creating a New Blog all about the BMX experience as a family getting started in the sport. A place for parents to find out tips, information and how to get involved. There is nothing out there like this now.
Anyone have a great idea for the Name of this new BLog?
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Art Teacher said...

How about BMX: Boy Meets X-Games or Mommy Holding On For Dear Life or Ridding In The Mud

Mel said...

i like mommy holding on for dear life