Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fire Train

From the mind of Caeden and the pen of Mommy
This is OUR poem

Fire Train
When I Dream
I see a
FIre Train that is Red and Fast
Zooming down its track in a blast
Hoses for water
Ladder for height
Travels in daytime and at night

Fire up ahead, Danger in sight
Racing to it with all its might
Water released
Fire is gone
Time to rescue the wild ones

All aboard through the trees
Koalas, Rhinos, and Wallabies
Hurry wild ones
With a shout
Let us bring you safely out

Mom's and Dads anticipate
That Fire Train will not be late
Hugging Now
Home at last
Job well done from what has past

A lesson to learn is here indeed
From Fire Train, a safety plead
Fire is dangerous
Not for play
Learn the signs and Stay Away

we wrote this one day after being inspired by several library books. C was adamant in how he wanted the story told and several times after I would read to him what I wrote down, he would tell me, "that's not what I said." So this is really his poem, he just can't read or write yet :)
we also tried to illustrate the story, but that was hard to scan and since I don't have any artistic talent, it is better to stay off the web for all to mock.

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Amber said...

i think it's a GREAT poem, Mel. :) it's funny too what you said about better to not put your art up. :)