Saturday, October 3, 2009

True Story

It never fails that when Mike is out of town, all heck breaks loose. I somehow fall apart. This weekend, he was gone and i already was suffering from a stiff and painful neck. But of course, I also got Sick.!
Then last night happened:
It started out to be so promising, a night out with the Dattilo's to see Noah's Ark Live at First Assembly of God. The kids loved it. I was hoping for a good nights rest since we got home so late. (After the showsome I had to stop and buy some Tyelonol Cold and Flu).
At about 2:30 am Sammie (my dog) decided to get sick and vomit
not just once, but repeatedly all night long.
REALLY? tonight of all nights?
doesn't she know that:
I have a head cold and
a stiff neck and
no paper towles in the house and
that Mike is away on a trip

Despite the obvious obstacles, it didn't stop her. All night long she would pace and vomit, i would get up to let her out, but each time i stood up i was so dizzy and had such a headache that i was afraid i would fall and break my stiff neck. I was getting so upset and frustrated. I don't do well on little sleep. By 5:30 I thought, "ok maybe i can get 2 solid hours of sleep in before the kids awake."
Owen woke up crying at 5:45
if that weren't enough my toilet overflowed from all the toilet paper i had to use between blowing my nose and cleaning up the vomit in my bedroom. (remember no paper towels in the house)

The kids woke up around 7:20
from 7:30 to 9:30:

i plunged and cleaned our toilet

sammie has threw up 3 more times (thank God we are carpetless in this house)

and, had to plunge and clean the kids toilet (yes that toilet clogged too )

By 9:30 we left for the Zoo

we met some friends there and it turned out to be a much better day. Arrived home by 2pm. Sammie only had one more lovely gift for me to clean up.
We all took naps and awoke at 5:30pm
Gluten-free Pancakes and Omelettes for dinner
Chick-fil-A ice cream for dessert (tried for Ben and Jerrys but is closed down)

Mike comes home tomorrow
just in time to clean the house for me because we have it listed and are supposed
to have a showing at 2pm. And you know after a day like to day, it is NOT clean.
by the way it is 9:47 right now and the kids are lying in their bed, wide awake and restless.

The verse that kept coming to my head today is from 2Samuel
it says something like "Blessed is he who is not offended with me"
it kept me in check each time i would find myself getting mad at God for all the things that went wrong in the past 24 hours
and kept me in check for not blaming my husband for the fact that he is having fun with friends while I am clearly struggling. :)
My circumstances do not determine my joy and
My GOD is bigger than my circumstances.
Good night

p.s. sammie seems to be doing fine now


Kevin said...

I'm so sorry, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Right when we got home Kev had to go back out of town. My week involved a lost debit card and a dead chipmunk in my was exciting.

Mel said...

a dead chipmunk? do tell