Monday, November 17, 2008

weekends with dad

Mike has been working on Saturdays, so even though today is Monday, we got to play with the kids at U-Can-Dig-It.  As you can tell, they enjoyed it.

The flower in this picture is from Woodsmoke.  I hesitated on using it for my title background because it isn't very wintery.  But this is Florida, in the winter, and this hibiscus is in full bloom and so pretty.

My favorite shoes on Owen

Mike and the boys have been working immensely hard in the back yard.  If you notice the hill behind Caeden just wasn't fit for bike jumping. It took a lot of grading, digging, filling, mowing, weed eating to get it ready for jumps like this.  As you can guess, the boys love seeing Daddy jump a hill on his bike.
This was the first picture of Mike's jump.  He is the blur.  But look at the truck and tractor in the background.  Owen wouldn't let Mike drive the Kubota without riding in Daddy's lap.

This was last Saturday at Woodsmoke, we stopped by to see if Daddy needed any help.
I love the way Caeden is standing exactly like his daddy.  It's the little things I notice with how they emulate him.  It is so cute and I wouldn't want them to be like anyone else, but Mike.

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