Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adventures in Virginia

Our friends Josh and Mindy have an incredibly beautiful 3 acre lot in Virginia that the boys fell in love with.  The trees were beautiful, the air was beautiful, buy mostly, "Pop" Mindy's Dad was around to assume his given role as a weekend Adventure and Explorer guide to his grandsons and my boys.  There is a creek at the end of the property that is worth exploring daily for Beaver tracks and Deer.

They found Caeden his very own walking stick and Caleb (5) helped teach him how to defend himself against a dog.  Then as they were walking away, Pop  asked "so who knows what to do with their stick if an animal comes up behind you?"  Then the boys proceeded to hold their sticks behind their backs.  

What was also great fun, is bonding with Daddy.  We did see a few deer, but no beavers.
The woods felt safe in their neighborhood, down in Fl. i am always worried about snakes.  Since We have seen a few black snakes in our yard.  But up there, we would walk and wonder and explore without hesitation.

This is Nathan (6) and Caleb.  Caeden would have stayed to live there with them, if we allowed him to.

So long Virginia.

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Art Teacher said...

I love the picture of Caeden on Mike's cute!