Monday, November 10, 2008

Naples Zoo

Sunday, We all went to the Naples Zoo.  It was the last day of their special deal to get the yearly membership for the family at 1/2 off.  Basically it cost us a few more dollars than a one time visit and we can go free for the rest of the year.  I love the word "free".  
We learned: 
1) Monkeys have tails, and Apes do not.

2)  Spider monkeys have prehensile tails that they can use to peel a banana.

3) Fosa's (pronounced Foose's) are carnivores that feed on mostly Lemurs.  They live in Madagascar and a really large percentage of the animals found on Madagascar, are not found anywhere else in the world.  Like Lemurs, they are specific only to Madagascar.

4)  A male Lion's mane is directly related to the amount of Testosterone he has.  We learned that right after Caeden asked why the daddy lion has a mane and the mommy lion doesn't.  And I answered, "God made them that way." :)

We want to make it an family outing 1x/month.  The Fosa is the newest exhibit, and in Feb. they are hoping to have a Black Bear exhibit.  The kids also enjoyed the many playgrounds at the ZOO.

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