Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the Little things

Life around here has been hectic. Amidst Trying to pack, Suffering from Sinusitis (me), Preparing for the garage sale, and Writing our Prayer letter and Support list, and Owen getting 2 stitches above his eye, the kids have been a little bored. This morning C said, "I didn't have any fun yesterday when you were sick, Mommy"
Last week midway through our date night of watching Robin Hood, I suddenly became ill with the chills, and fever, and a rapid heart beat. I have been dealing with it all week and it is probably the worst sickness I have had in a long long time. We are going to try and see it again tomorrow night, with the rain check the movie theater kindly issued us. Naturally the kids wanted to see Robin Hood, so I ordered it for them on Netflix.

I thought it would be fun for the kids to watch the "same" movie that mom and dad were going to see in the theater. We watched it tonight and it brought back childhood memories. Before the movie, C was trying to figure out what Robin Hood was all about and said, "It's the one with the wolf and the girl with the hood that goes to visit her grandma."
Haha, oh that is so cute, unfortunatley that is Little Red Riding Hood. Which until then I never thought one could confuse the two, now it makes perfect sense.

Here's to hoping no sickness befalls midway through this movie and we have to leave the theater again.
Long Live Robin Hood

p.s our 2009 family photo album came in the mail and really made me smile :)

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