Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Caeden

Caeden Michael is 5

Happy Birthday to my 5 year old son who makes me laugh hard, think deeply, pray consistently, and love completely everyday! You are such a treasure, better than a pirate's treasure! I pray that you will treasure the wisdom God imparts into your life. Seek His kingdom and His righteousness all your days.
It is hard to believe that 5 years has gone by. I remember the first few weeks how you would sleep outside our room in the pak-n-play and I could hear all your noises and ALL your cries. I remember how you used to love pushing the tonka truck around the house at full speed, but wouldn't walk on your own. I remember your first word was cookie. I remember your bald head and big smile with a wide mouth. I remember how you would suck your thumb and hold Owen's hair. I remember when you were barely 3 and played in a basketball league but were so overwhelmed you would join us in the stands instead. I remember when you learned to ride a bike and couldn't stop smiling. I will always remember how much you love fearfully love life and wholly love your family.
There have been many times in these past 5 years that I have failed you. I apologize. I am trying daily with God's help to train you in righteousness. Know that everything I say and do is born out of love and I hope that as parents we never exasperate you. You are my specials!!!!
Happy Birthday
I love you
Momma & Daddy

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Amber said...

that is so beautiful, Mel.