Monday, June 7, 2010

"It's Too Hard"

Wisdom from the mouth of my babe's. I will Never get accustomed to sibling rivalry under our roof. Boys....they like to fight, all out brawl....ugh! I despise it. The other day I asked them which is more important in life, to be brothers that fight or to be brothers that love and forgive. They know and spoke the obvious. So I proceeded to ask, "then WHY (for the love of God) can't you two be loving toward each other?" Caeden's answer, "because, it is TOO HARD!"
I love that answer, because he is so right, it is too hard. Life is too hard. And that is precisely why we need to God's daily help.
John 15:5 ".....Apart from me, you can do nothing."
anything is impossible apart from God, even loving your brother.
Thanks for the reminder, boys.
I love you,


Art Teacher said...

I love your chats with your boys...they're always so honest!

J'Aime said...

This is so fitting for me today--wish I'd read it yesterday. I was "so over" the brawling. It is a balancing act of letting them be boys and play hard while keeping it kind and safe. sometimes I find it "too hard" to be patient through the tears and unbelievably high volume such battles create.

sorensenashley said...

Mel, we are going to implement a philosophy of "friend to your brother before another." It basically means, if you hit your brother or you do something mean towards your brother your privileges for playing with others that day is taken away. You could also take other privileges away if they don't play with others every day! I got this from a college kid who grew up with that philosophy and he said in hindsight, it was a great thing his parents did!