Monday, May 3, 2010

My husband, the craftsman

It has been quite some time since we talked about building a bunk bed for the kids. Thanks to my husband, the craftsman, it is finally complete and quite incredible. Mike was the designer and builder and we are very impressed. It serves as a two beds, a pirate ship, great hiding places for hide-n-seek, and extra storage. Right now Caeden sleeps on top and Owen sleeps on the bottom. The bottom was Caeden's original bed, seen here with the mattress taken out. (also built by Mike in 2006.

He built it at the shop at Woodsmoke, then varnished, stained, and assembled it at home.

Above is the ladder and below are the steps. The doors on the steps open and close for extra storage.

The boys are always eager to help Dad with any project, especially if they get to handle the tools.

This is the top bunk

Caeden's old bed just slides underneath making it more of a loft bed than a bunk bed.

This is the final result, I took this last picture with the computer camera, so not the best quality.
Thank you, Mike. You amaze me!


sorensenashley said...

Very cool Mel! I am so impressed with Mike's skills! I bet the boys love it!

Jessica Girado said...

Wow! Love the modern look!!!
Very cool